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Russell Brunson & ClickFunnels

Project type

Social Media Marketing & Chat Funnels


December 2023 - June 2024


Meridian, Idaho

- Responsible for managing Russell Brunson’s personal brand, as well as Secrets of Success, Marketing Secrets, & WrestlingDotCom sub accounts.

Social Media Strategy:
- Developed and implemented comprehensive social media strategies aligned with Russell Brunson's personal brand objectives.
-Stayed ahead of industry trends and emerging platforms to optimize social media approach, plan filming dates for Russell

-Instagram and TikTok Management: Curated and created engaging content for Russell's Instagram and TikTok accounts.
- Wrote scripts based off current trends.
- Directed Russell in filming short-form content
- Fostered a consistent and authentic voice reflective of Russell's personal brand.

Feeder Account Oversight:
- Manage feeder accounts to broaden the reach and impact of Russell's brand across various platforms.
- Collaborated and built partnerships with brands and creators like FreeWrite to ensure cohesive messaging and brand representation.

KPIs and Analytics:
- Utilized key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics tools to measure the success of social media campaigns. -Provide regular reports and insights to demonstrate the impact of social media efforts.

Chat Funnel Marketing:
- Oversaw the entire project and built over a dozen Manychat chat funnels for all current offers
- Worked with the School of Bots team to maximize results based on a variety of consumer behavioral factors.
-Increased conversions on Instagram from 59% to 91% over the course of 4 months.

Events Coverage:
- Traveled and attended conferences where Russell was speaking to capture in the moment, strong short-form content for use on his personal Instagram and TikTok.

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