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Outreach for Nazareth Orphanage

Project Type

Organic Social Media Management, Photography, Content Marketing


Tecate, Mexico


August 2022 - August 2023


Organic Social Media Specialist, Content Photographer

Outreach For Nazareth Orphanage (OFNO) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that works to support the fundraising and volunteer efforts which benefit all at-risk for human trafficking young boys and girls at the Nazareth Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico.

OFNO’s efforts help the Sisters of the Sacred Heart and of the Poor to provide a safe home environment as well as other necessities needed to support the children. The kids receive education, three meals a day, lots of love and care, and a permanent roof over their heads.

During my time at Target River Marketing Agency, I provided this account with organic social media management services that included monthly content creation, graphic design, content writing, video script writing, community management and social media strategy.

In May 2023, when our in-house photographer could not make the trip to Tecate in time for their Groundbreaking Ceremony that marked the construction of a brand new girls' dormitory, I spontaneously volunteered to go there myself and capture content for the new website, as well as our social media channels.
I traveled from Boise to San Diego, then drove past the U.S. Mexican border to attend the ceremony, meet the Sisters of the Sacred Heart & Poor, play with the kids, and of course, to capture over 300+ images and videos for our content needs.

12 Month Organic Results on 2 Social Media Platforms
- 471% increase in organic reach on Facebook (7k accounts)
- 292% increase in organic reach on Instagram (5.7k accounts)
- 291% increase in organic followers on Facebook
- 104% increase in organic followers on Instagram
- 986 profile visits on Facebook total (85%+)
- 480 profile visits on Instagram total (95%+)
- Increased total CTR to website from 52% to 68.8% (16.8%+)
- Increased volunteer sign-ups by 4.9% overall

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