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McMillin Contracting Services

Project Type

Organic Social Media Management, Ad Writing, Client Relations, Graphic Design


October 2021-August 2023


San Diego County

McMillin Contracting Services is a B2B professional contracting company in San Diego County, CA that specializes in big-time property renovations. They have worked with the city's top property managers, some with over 20,000 apartment units across the county that rely on McMillin's prestigious reputation.

McMillin wanted to increase brand awareness, make their other services such as balcony remodelling more well-known, and most importantly, generate new leads.

I worked with a large team as the head of organic social media management. I created a social media strategy for their 4 social media platforms, adjusted it accordingly when necessary, as well as crafted all organic content and copy for monthly content calendars. I conducted market research and reported to the client directly, maintaining a positive relationship for over 2 years!

I also had my hands in a variety of different ad mediums creation, designing and writing the ad for the Apartment Owner's Association Magazine, which generated over 10+ large leads and 5 new clients after 2 ads.

- Achieved a 70% overall increase in organic Facebook reach, totalling 23,200 accounts reached.
-Achieved a 18.5% overall increase in organic Instagram reach, totalling 2,000 accounts reached.

-Improved page likes count by 27.8% on Facebook organically
-Improved Instagram followers by 387% on Instagram organically
- Received 919 page and profile visits on Facebook (91%+)
- Received 404 profile visits (370%+)

- 25 contact forms filled out during 6-month organic social media period.
- 101 custom button link clicks

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