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Finding The Elixir - Book By Scott Looney

Project Type

Organic Social Media Marketing


April 2023




May 2023


Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Creator

Scott Looney is an excitable and outgoing traveler, teacher and author of Finding The Elixir. He found me by word-of-mouth, and reached out in hopes of getting some help with building his social media presence and getting more book sales.

Together, through weekly meetings, creative sessions, and lots of brainstorming new ideas and content filming, we were able to progress Finding The Elixir and expand its presence to TikTok and Instagram.

Through my organic social media marketing services, there has been an overall increase of 9% in sales and 20.6% overall increase in followers.
We organically reached 6,558 accounts in 90 days, where the 90 days prior to starting with me, Scott was only reaching a little over 450.
We received 36,306 impressions and 986 profile visits in 90 days just on Instagram using organic social media tactics, such as Reels, engaging graphics, SEO keywords, and bringing excitement about travel and books to the table.

I also helped Scott with his event photography, capturing him at local author events and book signings at Barnes & Noble Boise and other local shops.

I then used the content I captured to create Reels, Tiktoks, graphics, and in campaigns such as our "50 Teachers, 50 States" campaign, a national project involving 1 book and 50 teachers across the United States.

The goal: have Finding The Elixir circulate through 50 states, through 50 teachers hands. Since Scott has teacher roots himself, even previously teaching at the highschool I used to attend, he wanted to target that community first.

I designed and wrote a special insert for the book, and this is how the whole thing would work:

A teacher would receive the book in the mail, and would open it to find secret information on the challenge, and how to take the next steps. Part of this operation included a QR code we connected to a form that captured their emails and thoughts, which we would then use to. build an email marketing list and get more reviews and buzz around the book. Then, a teacher would send the book again to another teacher they knew in another state in the mail, until all 50 states are reached. This project is still successfully ongoing, and the last update we received was that the book made it to Nevada!

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