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Executive Compass HR

Project type

Organic Social Media Management




San Diego County

Executive Compass HR is an HR specialty firm strategically designed to help businesses stay on point in the complicated and ever-changing world we work in today.

From recruitment and onboarding to employee performance, benefits, organizational development and employee relations, there’s no step in the business life cycle that founder Serena and her team are not highly equipped to handle.

I have managed Serena's personal LinkedIn account on and off for 2 years.
A huge part of managing someone's personal account is that you have to sound like them and ensure the copy matches their tone.

Matching Serena's professional tone of voice and advanced vocabulary in the copy was my number 1 priority. That and producing high quality, shareable content on LinkedIn targeting C-Level Suite Executives.

In a 3-month campaign, I increased Serena's reach by 22% overall, increased her follower count by a whopping 16%, and generated authority for Executive Compass on LinkedIn through content strategy.

From Serena herself: "I want to tell you a big THANK YOU for the amazing job on the last postings. I really liked them. I am happy to have you back working on my account!"

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